MazeList: showing pictures if requirements are fullfilled

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MazeList: showing pictures if requirements are fullfilled

Postby imgen » Mon Mar 12, 2018 8:23 am


first of all: thanks for making your software available for free. It's pretty cool.
I have a question regarding mazelists option to add pictures. Is it possible, to show pictures only under specific circumstances?
We want to conduct a radial-arm-maze experiment with 8 ending positions. Mazelist should contain several of those radial-arm-mazes and after every trial subjects will be shown if they hit the target or not, by showing them a picture.
I have not seen any options in mazelist to arrange that, is it possible through any options in mazemaker?


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Re: MazeList: showing pictures if requirements are fullfilled

Postby AdrianC » Mon Mar 12, 2018 5:15 pm


Although we have plans to expand the MazeList functionality, at the moment it doesn't have any dynamic features. Some of this can be handled through use of the API however.

In this case the easiest solution is probably to implement something using Active Regions to get the effect you want. If you use the Active Regions to Move the player to another walled off area which presents the image/object of your choice, you might be able to do something similar. You can optionally present text and make the maze end a preset time later depending on your needs.


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