can't replay pre-recorded log file

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can't replay pre-recorded log file

Post by zhaoyt816 » Tue Oct 20, 2020 10:51 pm

Hi there,

I've designed my own maze. I run it and keep log successfully. Now I want to test the function of video playback mode but I failed. I'm sure I selected the right maze, ticked "use pre-recorded log file" and loaded the log file, then I hit START button, it just turned to the start position, time shown on the right-lower part continued going, no video was played. Also, keyboard and mouse all didn't work although it was supposed to be so. So I had to press ESC to exit.

Same issue happened when I tried an official sample. I tried the "Play" button after adding the correct maze and the log file on MazeAnalyzer, and the problem was all the same.

BTW, I use Windows 7, 32 bit.

Can anybody tell me how to solve it? Thanks a million.


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