Minor Update (3.0.3)

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Minor Update (3.0.3)

Postby hasanayaz » Fri May 18, 2018 3:32 pm

Minor updates are posted. Please download the latest setup file and re-install the setup to get all updates.

    Added ability to set custom resolutions from 'Advanced Graphics'
    Added ability to enable borderless windowed mode in 'Advanced Graphics'
    Updated LPT (Parallel port) Sync functionality
    Changed MazeWalker marker codes (see current marker dictionary table in the manual)
    Updated manual document to include new features and changes

    Added maze file selection and drag drop for files in new project wizard
    Added color display on the left pane for individual paths
    Changed formating for Analyze Tool output
    Added zoom buttons to lower right corner for easy access
    Fixed issues related to MazeRegion definition and Zoom

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