Major Update (v2.6)

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Major Update (v2.6)

Post by hasanayaz » Fri Mar 24, 2017 1:15 pm

A major update for MazeSuite is released. Summary list of changes are as follows. To get the update, download the latest setup file.

MazeSuite Release 2.6

MazeWalker (v2.12.0.0)
  • Updated the physics engine, Jump mechanics and gravity mechanics for physics engine-based behaviors
    Improvement for dynamic object kinematics
    Improvement for memory management (especially for larger mazes and high resolution)
    Added new fixed XZ Camera options in perspective to allow a fixed top-down maze navigation
    Joystick functionality updates
    Changed Skybox behavior so that the Skybox moves with you (necessary for a road-type environment that continues in one-direction forever)
    Start position New angle setting for pitch (up-down)
    New random angle setting for both pitch (up-down) and yaw (left-right)
    Maze List: next maze button and keyboard binding
    Added a toggle delay to the next maze and restart maze keys (500ms)
    Fixed an issue where MazeWalker did not correctly run in fullscreen
    Fixed an issue where MazeWalker would not properly load the previous filename
    Restored Framerate Independence during Look functions
    Removed 1280x768 resolution in favor of 1280x720 (720p)
    Minor other improvements
MazeMaker (v2.11.0.0)
  • Start position: New angle setting for pitch (up-down)
    New random angle setting for both pitch (up-down) and yaw (left-right)
    Shrink and Expand mazes with keyboard shortcuts Ctrl/- and Ctrl/+ respectively
    Copy paste of objects functionality for edits
    Minor other improvements
MazeAnalyzer (v2.10.0.0)
  • New point feature for calculations,
    Use the point button at the toolbar to mark specific points of interest in mazes, save and load these along with regions.
    New calculation in Export: Distance to Point or Region Centroid for all timepoints as extra columns
    Minor other improvements
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