Major Update (v2.7)

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Major Update (v2.7)

Post by hasanayaz » Tue Jun 06, 2017 10:54 pm

A major update for MazeSuite is released. Summary list of changes are as follows. To get the update, download the latest setup file.

MazeSuite Release 2.7

• MazeMaker (v2.12.0.0)
  • New large canvas: Maze editable area expanded beyond screen size and edited area can be scrolled left/right/up/down with embedded onscreen buttons at top right corner
    Keyboard shortcuts for scrolling canvas are Shift + Cursor Up/Down/Left/Right keys (press shift key and one of cursor buttons to move at one of the four directions)
    Canvas offset is displayed at the bottom status bar
    Current mouse position is displayed at the bottom status bar
    Ceiling Height Property added for Floor Items
    Scale to be saved in double precision
    Coordinate axis orientation to be displayed at the bottom right corner
    Drag and drop of maze items updated
    Minor other improvements
• MazeWalker (v2.14.0.0)
  • Updated Synchronization for Physics engine
    Added Support for LPT signaling (parallel port) for Maze Start and Maze End
    Preload Maze Textures held between mazes in maze list to significantly reduce loading time
    Optimized texture loading to speed up the processing of Jpegs textures
    Fixed an issue when Floor was set to not visible can still operate collusion detection
    Minor other improvements
• MazeAnalyzer (v2.11.0.0)
  • New measure function: click on one reference position and as you move mouse distances are shown in real-time in status bar
    Improvements in user interface, maze drawing, analysis tools
    Various minor changes
• Documentation

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