Major Update (v2.5)

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Major Update (v2.5)

Post by hasanayaz » Thu Mar 05, 2015 6:54 pm

A major update for MazeSuite is released. Summary list of changes are as follows. To get the update, download the latest setup file.

MazeSuite Release 2.5

MazeWalker (v2.10.0.0)
  • New feature: Top-down (bird's eye) and perspective views (3/4 side) of maze navigation, fixed or free orientation and customized view type of the maze
    Edit from main window top menu Advanced>Perspective Settings dialog
    New feature: Multiple choice question presentation in maze list
    Add a question and as many options as necessary, users answer will be recorded in the log.
    New option: Restart maze option at the end of a maze (use escape button to bring the dialog up)
    Restarting reloads the maze immediately appearing in the log file as a separate maze list item
    New option to hide rendered maze background during message dialog display
    Option is available under 'Other Settings'
    New option to adjust Field of View to allow rendering to more properly occur on wide displays, default is 45 degrees, on triple monitors 75 degrees may be recommended.
    This is available under 'Advanced Graphics-> Other Visual Settings'
MazeMaker (v2.10.0.0)
  • Multiple choice item in maze lists
    Flip option for wall textures
    Minor improvements
MazeAnalyzer (v1.9.0.0)
  • New quick start panel at startup
    Minor improvements
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