More user options for interactions

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More user options for interactions

Postby wonniepoo » Mon Aug 06, 2018 11:51 pm

Hi all,

I'm currently a master's student in a neurobehavioral lab and am working on a project to examine what participants are attending to (direction or contextual cues) when navigating through a maze. In order to have a moment-to-moment analysis of how participants are learning, it would help to have some specific parameters that I was hoping some of you might be able to help me with... Any suggestions/feedback is much appreciated!

This is something I have been interested in for a while, and it was happenchance that I came across MazeSuite recently. So thank you, creators, for making my grad school career easier, ha.

1. Is there a way for participants to choose their Camera Mode within the maze session? E.g., switch back and forth from first person view to 3/4 angle, and also have MazeAnalyzer be able to tell when they made this response and which angle they chose?

2. Can dynamic objects be hidden until the participant engages in an observing response in order to make the object appear? E.g., once the user is in a given area, they must press "R" to see the object, or they can keep walking without seeing the object. In other words, can the user interact within a region to make an object visible that was otherwise hidden? And also have MazeAnalyzer record if and when participants made this response?

3. Lastly, can the first message dialog box display a long message with line breaks? When I input a long string of text, it only shows as one long line and cuts off when it reaches the end of the screen. I'm not sure if this can be helped--I've read a couple of articles and the instructions were usually stated verbally to participants or handed on paper. Not a big deal, but I was just wondering if this could be possible.

Please let me know if I can clarify anything. I am still getting familiar with the program so please excuse me if these features are already available that I have not discovered how to do yet. Thanks again! I greatly appreciate any feedback.

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Re: More user options for interactions

Postby AdrianC » Tue Aug 07, 2018 11:54 am


To answer your last question first, you can create text with multiple lines by typing \n between the text. For example:


will print:

Line 1
Line 2

If your intention is to break the textbox over multiple texts, you should use the MazeList functionality to create multiple Text Display options, or use the ImageDisplay and save your screen item as a jpg/png.

Other then that: Currently camera mode is a fixed option, but we may add options to change the view mode dynamically or via API.

and finally: Dynamic objects can be hidden until a participant performs some task. This is done by using the dynamic objects functionality in combination with the 'Interact' criteria option. Interact (default is enter button but can be changed) causes a dynamic object to activate and can be used to move or rescale the object such that it can then be seen. Although strictly setting visibilty is not currently an option, you can make the object either move from an unseen location (beneath the floor (y=-3) ) or grow from a very small object to become visible (scale=0.001) so that the object can become visible. By making the action time small as well, this will make the change instantaneous.

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Re: More user options for interactions

Postby wonniepoo » Mon Aug 20, 2018 10:14 am

Thank you for the prompt reply! My apologies for the delay in response. I'll play around with it some more and let you know how it goes. :D Thanks again for the help!

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