Randomize End Region/New Maze

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Randomize End Region/New Maze

Post by lburleig » Tue Jun 10, 2014 11:58 am

Hey guys,

So I am working in a psychology lab where we are trying to build a maze that is similar to the Water Morris Maze (as a few people are using this program, I noticed).
I am aware the starting position angle can be randomized, which is incredibly helpful, however we were hoping to be able to alter the end region for each trial as well.
I realize randomizing the end region could probably get pretty messy, so another thought was to be able to enter a new maze automatically (where we would rebuild our current maze and change the end region) when the end region of the first maze/trial is reached.
With a lot less wording, is there a way to have the participant enter a new maze rather than exiting the program when the end region is reached?


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Re: Randomize End Region/New Maze

Post by hasanayaz » Wed Jun 11, 2014 10:49 am

Hi Lauryn,

Yes, you can create maze list files which includes list of multiple to be executed one after another. The list can include mazes or text messages.

See page 33 on the manual about maze lists. To create a new list, go to MazeMaker, on main window, top menu, select Tools>Maze List Builder. Here, you can add/remove items that can be maze files. Also, text messages, that can be used as instructions can be included in the list as needed. When you are finished, save the maze list, it will be *.mel file. You can load this to MazeWalker and run.

Good luck with you experiment.

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