Major New Version Release (v2.2)

Posted by Admin | 07/07/2014 | News

A major update for MazeSuite is released. Summary list of changes are as follows. To get the update, download the latest setup file.


MazeSuite Release 2.2

New documentation and tutorial

New maze and mazelist sample files (under my documents>mazesuite>samples ) demonstrating various features.

And the following app specific changes.


MazeWalker (v2.6.5.0)

Updated 3D engine and new physics engine for improved rendering.

Enabled Autogenerated Mipmaps

Bilinear Anisotropic Filtering enabled for supporting cards by default

MSAA 4x enabled for supporting cards by default

Fixed an issue with texturing/lighting in MazeLists related to white texture not properly resetting between levels

Set wrapped image as default skybox instead of individual walls

Updated advanced graphics options dialog

Added non-functional filtering options for MSAA, V-Sync, Ansiotropic

Updated video playback capabilities and prevent generating log during video playback

Various other improvements


MazeMaker (v2.7.5.0)

New MazeWizard for generating new mazes with adjustable size and difficulty levels.

Revised maze properties editing and updated maze file format

Keyboard shortcuts for all tools

MazeListbuilder updated: new image item that presents a selected image file when running mazelists.

Manual menu item under top menu help.


MazeAnalyzer (v1.7.5.0)

Manual menu item under top menu help.